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Good Safety Rules Prevent Construction Accidents in Tenerife

Construction locations are naturally dangerous and avoiding a construction accident is the obligation of everybody on the site. The best way to avoid a construction accident is to implement and put in force safety rules and protocols and make sure that all laborers or any professional construction services are cautious and properly trained.

Safety Regulations

A number of mishaps involve electricity. Situations involving electricity include things like exposure to utility lines, insufficient ground-fault protection, insufficient grounding, misuse of machines, and ultizing extension cords incorrectly. To make sure the safety of everyone using electricity, all employees and folks on the spot really should be trained on the proper use of all electric powered equipment and extension cords and made conscious of the spots of exposed power lines.

The number one reason for fatalities on construction sites is falls. These generally take place around unprotected sides, walls, and flooring holes; on scaffolds which are built incorrectly; on unguarded steel girders; and from improper use of ladders. To protect against a construction accident, ensure that all possible fall areas are properly indicated with signs and that openings are encircled with safety rails. Also ensure that scaffolding is constructed according to the manufacturer's specifications. The most typical fall injuries are associated with ladders, so continuous monitoring of ladder usage is one of the most critical things to do on the construction site.

Another significant reason behind injury and fatality on building sites is men and women being struck by items which are typically extremely heavy. These types of accidental injuries typically involve motor vehicles, dropping or flying items, and whilst constructing masonry and cement walls. Most of these can easily be prevented with signs and basic safety practices such as signaling when raising heavy objects overhead.

Excavation and digging accidents are an additional major concern. These accidents usually take place during excavating and involve hazardous placement of dumped earth, insufficient support of trench walls, failure to inspect reinforcement tools, and lack of protective systems. These mishaps involve more than just being buried and also include asphyxiation because of insufficient air, inhaling poisonous fumes, and drowning. Again, correct use of equipment and training are the key to safety.

Careful Workers and Training

The most effective way to protect everybody on the site from mishaps is to hire employees who are very careful. Laborers who are consuming alcohol or drugs, or who've a history of insufficient care and caution on construction sites shouldn't be allowed to work on hazardous construction sites. Furthermore, worn out or over-worked workers are additionally a risk to everybody on the site.

Continuous instruction on all machines are the next most effective way to ensure basic safety and avoid a construction accident. Workers ought to be re-trained as needed in the use of all equipment they operate. Additionally, overall site safety should be part of each work day's start of shift safety meeting.

With understanding of the safety concerns on the site along with ongoing training, construction accidents can be easily avoided.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Car hire Tenerife

The volcanic holiday island of Tenerife is located in the Atlantic ocean, off the west coast of Africa. A territory of Spain, Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. It is an place of great contrasts – from manicured golf courses to moon-like rock fields, bustling resorts to hideaway villages, Tenerife offers something unique to every visitor. Just hire a car on Tenerife Airport Transfer and take a look!

Tenerife is a very popular holiday destination to over 5 million holidaymakers a year, both in summer and in winter.

The year-round sun is always an attraction - even in winter, temperature of 20 degrees celsius and above can be expected.

The north and south of the island contrast with each other in terms of climate and environment: the north is slightly cooler, wetter and less developed than the more urbanised, sun-drenched south.

The island is dominated by Mount Teide, its volcano and highest point. At 3718 metres above sea level, Teide is not only the highest peak in Spain, but is the third largest volcano in the world. Taking a cable car ride to the very top is an adventure not be missed.

Tenerife South airport is 20-30 minutes drive away in your hire car. The north is somewhat quieter, but contains the lovely resort of Puerto de la Cruz, which unlike some of the southern resorts has retained a lot of its old-world charm. Tenerife North airport serves this area.

Monday, October 16, 2017

A Day in the Ocean With Diving Atlantis

Atlantis is one of the best place to go diving in Tenerife together with Puerto dela Cruz... They one of the most visited sites in Spain... More information can be found here - divingatlantis-tenerife.com

Shades are different underwater as well. Shades are really only various wavelengths reflected by an object. Marine, dunes journey differently, and some wavelengths are filtered out by water sooner than the others. Lower power waves are absorbed first, so red vanishes first, then orange, then yellow. Green stays longer and blue the best, which is why things appear bluer the deeper you get. So long as the water is clear, that is. In murky water there is less light transmission and things have a tendency to look greenish-yellow.

Even under the best conditions, shades can only just be observed down to a range of somewhat over 100 feet. Below that things look black or gray. Just how colors are absorbed possesses an affect marine photography: a great light source becomes necessary for vivid pictures.

But delay, there’s more. Or fairly, less. See, the water surface is reflective and can act a bit like a mirror. At high noon, with the sun being right overhead, that is number big deal and just about all of the sun’s light enters the water. Nevertheless, early and late in the morning when the sun’s rays hit the water at low angles, virtually all light is reflected away and does not make it to the water. So be aware that it could get black prior to you imagine.

Sound travels even faster in water than in the air, about four times as fast. Looks also travels further in the water. (For this reason the army is so concerned about having silent submarines.) And sound marine is afflicted with water temperature, pressure, and salinity. Interesting results can be produced by this when underwater sound matches two sheets of water with different conditions.

All this ensures that our hearing, which is designed to interpret sound in the air, can simply get confused marine. Our mind detects the supply, and to some extent the distance, of an audio by the distinction between its appearance in the right and left ear. With underwater sound so much faster, our brain can’t process way easily, and underwater sound usually results in to be all over a diver.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Tenerife Diving

Tenerife offers great diving conditions at a water temperature of 17 ° C to 24 ° C and the mild climate all year round means lots of beautiful dives. The island offers sports divers and snorkal divers the unique possibility to dive in African waters under European conditions for divin and the rest of the day in Spanish atmosphere.

Most of the more than 30 dive centers are located on Tenerife in the holiday centres of the south. What is special about Tenerife: There are two worlds under water - the Atlantic and the tropical. The dive sites are 10 to 40 meters in depth depth.

If the Atlantic shows her calm face, you should take as much time as possable underwater. There is a whole world to explore, because in those days, visibility can be up to 30 meters around Tenerife

Very often, in Tenerife barracudas, Grouper or tuna. With a little luck, you can display different types of Roche and even a Manta.

Colorful parrot fish, neon reef perch, dragon heads and trumpet fish are everywhere in the unique underwater world of Tenerife. The fantastic rock formations are equipped with sponges gorgonians and trees.

The dive schools in Tenerife are known for their safety standards. There are a variety of different diving courses and the necessary equipment. The dive schools in Tenerife are always looking for new sites, so that it always something new to see.

We have the basic Fun Dive-Tenerife on 01.09.2005 after 12 years of our predecessor Kurt Gruber. The base is in the all-inclusive hotel "Park Club Europe," one of the finest hotels on Tenerife embedded. What is more, than in a family sports hotel to the diving if you have a beautiful underwater scenery outside the door?

Friday, July 21, 2017

Tenerife Beaches

Of course, there's not only Siam Park or Viajes Teide excursions in Tenerife.  The island also has many wonderful and different beaches. Here's an overview:

Playa del Duque

The bright yellow beach of Playa del Duque is on the south coast of Tenerife, the Costa de Adeje. The sun umbrellas, the palm trees and beach cafes give the beach is a unique flair. The sand is golden and very clean. The beach itself is protected by a breakwater wall and safe for kids, on the eastern side stands a rock tongue pushing into the sea. Above on the cliffs, the imposing Castillo del Duque waches over all.

Playa Faņabé

Playa de Fanabe is one of the most popular beaches on the Costa Adeje Tenerife. The sand is light and about 700 meters long.On the Promenade palms shade you,Restaurants, cafes and bars invite you with cool drinks. Chairs and umbrellas can be hired. There were a breakwater before the beach installed. In the evening hours can be from the beach in Playa de Fanabe great sunsets experience. During the weekend,it can sometimes be very busy.

Playa de Las Vistas

Between the town of Los Cristianos and the tourist stronghold of Playa de las Americas, you find the beach, Playa de las Vistas . More than 2.5 km of yellow sand. The beach has Several jetties giving it protection against the waves .  

Playa de la Tejita

Playa de la Tejita Tenerife is a fairly bright natural sand beach at the foot of the Montaña Roja. This shimmering reddish rock is located west of El Médano and separates the Playa de la Tejita beach of El Medano. The naturist beach is located at the foot of the rock and is a small path so far. A small kiosk with beach rental property is located directly in front of the access to the nude beach.

Playa del Médano

In the south-east of Tenerife near the local airport is the place El Medano. The beach is about 3 km, the longest of the island, is also here because of its geographical position always an ordinary swell, the heart of surfers beat. Not for nothing is one of the surfers in this beach town just here to the world's most popular beaches.

Playa de las Teresitas

An absolute must for Tenerife tourists is the beach in San Andres, fairly far to the north-east of the island. The town of San Andres is one of several thousand inhabitants, but tourism has almost nothing to do. On the trip to San Andrés you pass through the capital of the island Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This trip rewards you with one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife.

Playa de San Marcos

San Marcos and the same beach reside in the Icod de los Vinos area of Tenerife. Surrounded by some hotels and apartment houses here is the quite beach protected by a bay.

Playa El Socorro

The beach is El Socorro especially known and loved among surfers , because here are ideal training and competition conditions. The waves and currents make swimming dangerous so extreme caution is needed. El Socorro is a beautiful, curved beach with black volcanic sand. Go and watch the action.

Playa Jardin

The Playa Jardín is equal parts work of nature and genius of Cesar Manrique, a well-known Canary artists, the landscapetakes his art into account. The beach is located in Puerto de la Cruz near the famous Loro Parque. The Playa Jardín offers all sorts of services and is equipped with bars and restarants.

For more interesting information, visit Tenerife Forum which covers many interesting topics about Tenerife.

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Golf Las Americas

Golf Las Americas is situated in the south of the island near Playa de las Americas. Opened in 1998, it is set within a gently sloping amphitheatre, protected from the elements by the surrounding hills. Golf las Americas is situated in a gently sloping natural amphitheatre with commanding views towards the sea and Playa De Las Americas.

It's sheltered from the wind by a range of hills and features streams, ravines and the remains of some curious aboriginal cabins. The course provides a good test of golf, with water coming into play on no less than 8 holes. A little expensive compared to what's on offer elsewhere on the island, but definitely worth a visit. More fun activities and Tenerife attractions, click here!

Tenerife: Activities and Attractions

Loro Parque - Puerto de la Cruz

Loro Parque is one of Tenerife's most successful attractions. Covering over thirteen hectares, and receiving over one and a half million visitors a year, this world-class zoo houses some of nature's most exotic species.

Parrots - with over 300 species this is the biggest and most diverse collection of parrots that has ever existed in the world.

- the largest, penguin populated iceberg outside of Antarctica where 12 tons of snow fall a day. By means of huge glass panels you are able to observe 3 different species of penguin and other Antarctic sea birds.

Dolphins -  the biggest dolphinarium in Europe which is able to seat 1500 people.

Sea lions -  through transparent panels the show can also be observed under water.

Aquarium - take a walk through the 18m shark tunnel where sharks from 7 different species glide above your head close enough to touch. The aquarium contains over 20,000 aquatic animals and plants.

If this exotic selection isn't enough, then make sure you take a look at the park's sea lions, gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, jaguars, flamingos, alligators, Tortoises, Orchid House, Gambian Market and a 'NaturaVision' Cinema.  There are also jungle trails for the kids, shops and restaurants, as well as a whole range of shows taking place throughout the day.

All these wonderful animals, birds and fish are treated in the most ethical way, with their natural habitat having been created down to the very last detail and specialist vets and nutritional experts on hand twenty-four hours a day.

Parque Las Aguilas - Nr Los Cristianos

This attraction is known by several names - The Eagle Park, Las Aguilas Del Teide and The Jungle Park. It is set high in the hills behind Los Cristianos in 75,000 sq meters of tropical gardens.

The park is designed to give visitors the feeling of wandering jungle pathways with the many exotic trees that are alive with parrots and other unusual birds. There are many animal enclosures including crocodiles, elephants, pygmy hippos and white tigers.

There are various shows and demonstrations throughout the day which include;
  • Flying eagle and birds of prey demonstration.
  • Penguin feeding time.
  • Parrot shows.
The park has several other attractions including a jungle trail for the children, shops and and restaurants.

Mount Teide - Teide National Park

Mount Teide is the highest peak in Spain (3718m) and is the first sight you see when flying in to Tenerife.

Only the coastal regions of Tenerife are inhabited with the center of the Island being entirely dedicated to the National Park. Declared a National Park in 1954, it lies at around 2000 meters above sea level and in winter snow falls, gale winds blow and the roads are sometimes closed off.  During the summer months the temperatures can rise above 40C.

The ascent through the foothills takes in an abundant variety of flora and fauna and offers spectacular views of the island. At the height of about 2,000 meters the vegetation starts to give way to the characteristic lava landscape. Its easy to see why parts of the Star Wars and James Bond films have been shot here.

By far the most comfortable way to climb the volcano (which last erupted in 1909) is by the cable car, which will take you to within 200 meters of the summit where stunning views of Tenerife and neighbouring islands can be enjoyed.  The peak was formed by eruptions in the late 18th century, which also moulded the surviving lunar landscape.

Balloon Experience - Playa de las Americas

For the perfect holiday photos take a ride with the Balloon Experience crew. As you are lifted 120 meters into the air  you will have a beautiful aerial view of the coastline.

Botanical Gardens - Puerto de la Cruz

With its protective oasis containing some of the most diverse and exotic plant life this is the most fantastic garden on the island.

Camel Park - Nr Los Cristianos

A ride on camel safari which lasts about an hour and takes you around the fields that surround the farm.  There is a small cafe selling the usual range of snacks and drinks.

Los Abrigos Divers - Los Abrigos

A PADI dive centre offering the full range of courses, excursions and experience dives. All equipment included and transport arranged.

Horse Riding (Rancho Grande) - Amarilla Golf

Amarilla Golf & Country Club.  Beginners classes, rides for children and pony trekking in the countryside.

Quad Biking - La Camella, Arona

The Quad Park offers a great day out in Tenerife, guaranteed to provide both adults and kids with the thrilling ride of a lifetime. Children from six to twelve can ride as passengers free of charge

Karting - between Golf del Sur and Los Cristianos

The Karting Club is situated just off the TF1 Motorway on the road to Guaza - Las Chafiras.  The track is of international standard and has 5 different models of kart for hire upon age and experience.  In addition for those not racing, you will find a bar, cafeteria and extensive viewing terraces.

Octopus Aqua Park - Playa de las Americas

One of Tenerife's great attractions, it features a superb selection of sun bathing areas, slides, tubes, pools, diving boards, dolphins shows and a relaxing 'lazy river'. Facilities include restaurants and changing rooms.

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