Friday, September 22, 2017

Tenerife Diving

Tenerife offers great diving conditions at a water temperature of 17 ° C to 24 ° C and the mild climate all year round means lots of beautiful dives. The island offers sports divers and snorkal divers the unique possibility to dive in African waters under European conditions for divin and the rest of the day in Spanish atmosphere.

Most of the more than 30 dive centers are located on Tenerife in the holiday centres of the south. What is special about Tenerife: There are two worlds under water - the Atlantic and the tropical. The dive sites are 10 to 40 meters in depth depth.

If the Atlantic shows her calm face, you should take as much time as possable underwater. There is a whole world to explore, because in those days, visibility can be up to 30 meters around Tenerife

Very often, in Tenerife barracudas, Grouper or tuna. With a little luck, you can display different types of Roche and even a Manta.

Colorful parrot fish, neon reef perch, dragon heads and trumpet fish are everywhere in the unique underwater world of Tenerife. The fantastic rock formations are equipped with sponges gorgonians and trees.

The dive schools in Tenerife are known for their safety standards. There are a variety of different diving courses and the necessary equipment. The dive schools in Tenerife are always looking for new sites, so that it always something new to see.

We have the basic Fun Dive-Tenerife on 01.09.2005 after 12 years of our predecessor Kurt Gruber. The base is in the all-inclusive hotel "Park Club Europe," one of the finest hotels on Tenerife embedded. What is more, than in a family sports hotel to the diving if you have a beautiful underwater scenery outside the door?